Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimmin Time....

my pepper
happy doggy

i look so mean and rawr

Well today I got pepper a pool from Walmart. Some of you may think I am crazy but yes my dog is spoiled. She is already playin in it!! She loves it so much and I am sure that it will become her best friend on the HOT summer days. She even has some floaty town to go with it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


My Group
The Boys
More Boys
All the girls The whole company

This past week i had a great opportunity to go to efy!! It was so fun i cant even tell you how much fun it was and how amazing the counselors and participants were!!! there was no bad attitudes at all!! if you have the chance to go, go to it!! it will be the time of your life!!

The new addition =)

The newest addition to our family is my new niece Brynlee Claire Bowdoin!! She was born on June 2ND 2009!! I was at EFY while this all happened but I was able to be there for the birth!! she was born 2 minutes before efy started!! i really enjoyed being there it was fun exciting and different!! but i am excited to be able to help out a lot and hold the heavy baby!! I will post pictures of efy soon!!

Sorry for not posting lately!!