Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wow long time no see!

OK so i slack at updating my blog!! well a lot has happened in 8 months that i haven't updated on! January i turned 15 got to go to Hawaii for my birthday lost my camera in Hawaii and had a blast! Then comes track i joined track this year and finished my first out of 3 years of track, yes i finished a full season and didn't hurt my self or anyone else... but at regionals i almost took some people out... no big deal ha ha! now track is over and summer vacation has started! i honestly don't know what I'm going to do this summer but i am going to volunteer at a vet clinic by my house and next Wednesday i will be going on the youth trek! I'm so excited!!!! well for now that's all that's happened sorry for not updating i will be sure to update when i get back from trek!! so long for now my fellow friends!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


OK so i haven't posted in a long time!! but all that has been going on is soccer.....
We have won two games is all and we've lost the rest!!
This up coming Tuesday is our last game versus show low, in show low, and it's at two! that's all that's been going on but school is going good! and I'm doing really well!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Schedule Has Started!!

OK so school start last Thursday!! yes i am a freshman and i am liking it!! high school also mean SPORTS =D!!! yes this year i am playing soccer as a freshman and i sure can tell you it is beating me up!! and i also got a new phone number and so my phone works in the valley and i can call long distance!! i am SO excited!! ill let you all know when my soccer games are wish me luck!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A new addition to my could say that!!

In Loving Memory of Tails
2007- July 2009
And in new memory of Sushi

when i was gone my old fish tails died!! whenever i leave somewhere my fish dies!! at least i am not home when it happens... well i got a new fish now because pepper was missing her best friend so i replaced it with a new fish named sushi!! my old fish name was tails. so now pepper had a new best friend who she stares at constantly.

My summer soo far....

Sorry i haven't updated in forever!! Well at the beginning of the summer i was doing nothing but as soon as the month of July hit i was jam packed!! First my cousin came up for forth of July and when she was here we went to see the movie My Sister's Keeper with some of my friends and the day we left was Brynlee's baptism(yes i got to see her be blessed before we left)... The week after we went to my grandma's house, we hung out there for awhile, then on the 3rd and 4th day we were there we went to Prescott and went quading and hung out with our cousin Kristi and her 2 kids. When we got back we went my cousins and family came up to my grandma's house and we went to fossil springs on Saturday and while we were there under the porch was a baby deer that was SO cute.... after we got back from fossil springs we went down to the valley with Natalie's family! I was down there for a week and on the 1st day i was there we went bowling at the bowling alley down in the valley with one of Natalie's friends and after we were done we went to her friends house and went swimming... then Natalie and i went back to her house!! the next day we went to a resort for 3 days and had a blast there. On the last day we were there we went to go see the harry potter movie and my mom came down that day also. the next morning my mom and i went to get our hair done. Then we went to the mall with Noah and dropped him off with my grandma and then my mom and i went school shopping and bought lots of new stuff!! LOL!! after we were done school shopping we came home!! Boy was i glad to be home for once in 2 weeks!! Now this is were i am at in my life!!! i have been home for a whole week and had time to do stuff with my friends!and...... NEXT WEEK IS GIRLS CAMP!! WOO HOO!!! and then school starts :-(

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimmin Time....

my pepper
happy doggy

i look so mean and rawr

Well today I got pepper a pool from Walmart. Some of you may think I am crazy but yes my dog is spoiled. She is already playin in it!! She loves it so much and I am sure that it will become her best friend on the HOT summer days. She even has some floaty town to go with it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


My Group
The Boys
More Boys
All the girls The whole company

This past week i had a great opportunity to go to efy!! It was so fun i cant even tell you how much fun it was and how amazing the counselors and participants were!!! there was no bad attitudes at all!! if you have the chance to go, go to it!! it will be the time of your life!!