Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8th grade boys basketball game!!

well today i talked hayden into taking me to the boys basketball game cuz we played the lobos(snowflake) and i also wanted to see wendy and curtis there!!! it was a great game. very close as well. the score was 25-26. It was very fun.



good game cooper!! lol see ya hopefully soon mccullough's!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas 2008

Quade and his wicked, awsome, purple ipod!!
Me And Hayden aren't awake!

OOO stalking!!!

Me and Pepper and her amazingly awsome toys!
For christmas i got an ipod nano, snow pants, a snow jacket,
a stereo for my ipod, a taylor swift cd, and candy!!

Opstical Corse

Noah pretending he's a dog!!

the kitchen opstibal part!

Mine & Pepper's turn to concore the corse!!

On saturday me and my brothers and friend got really bored!! we decided to make an opstical corse for the dogs! (pepper, zoey, and noah) noah wanted to be a dog!! so we made an opstical corse throughout the kitchen and livingroom!! We had soo much fun!! noah got 29 seconds, zoey got 1 minute and 30 seconds and pepper got 30 seconds. Noah ran half the time so he cheated, zoey had a little trouble, and pepper did amazingly well!! WE HAD SOO MUCH FUN!!! You should try it sometime is you have a dog that's active!!

New Years Party

That food was awsome!!

We had sooo much fun decorating!

(isn't it beautiful)

our walk way (haha)

our results of poor victim "B"

We had sooo much fun doing this!!!

After we did this pepper got really scared and ran off to
somewhere in the house. We couldn't find her so we just
left heralone. After awhile we said "hey where is pepper?".
We wemt to go look for her and Noah found her in the
BATHTUB!! It was soo funny but we felt soo sorry for her.

Well now we know that she has a GREAT fear of ballons being popped!!

Oh i am sorry pepper!!!

Snowboarding Baby!!

Hayden helpin natty get back into the grove!!
Going up the lift!! (i had no idea i had my hood on!)

Just chillin!

My cousin came up and we had soo much fun!!