Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hayden and Pavel going strong
Just Chillin

Just Saying HI

Brad, Bridget, & I

OK so a week ago I went rafting with my EF.....
So my mom might of said a little bit about Brad & I ,but here's what I remember.

In the morning I wanted to see if my mom had requested Brad and so that's when it started. Last year we had an amazing guide named Brad.... ha ha.... and so this year the main guide person was calling out names of which groups got which guides and my aunt said we wanted Brad because we had him last year and he was awesome!!! So we got our wish granted. When we got down to the boat Brad was placing us were we needed to sit on the raft and "lucky me" got placed in the back, right next to him. That was a ball of fun =D!!! So I was his victim to be picked on!! He always kept trying to tip me out of the boat! but I always won that battle because i had something to hold on to!! (Yes I cheated)!!! At lunch many people (well the ones in our raft) kept teasing me about him and kept calling him my "boyfriend"!! Don't ask me because I had no say in anything!! LOL so after all of that i guess by the end of the day of all the excitement I had a "boyfriend" named Brad!!! Well that's all of the story i can remember!!!

I will have more picture after my mom gets her water camera developed! (tell her to get it developed)

Horseback Riding




Michelle & Dally

Well.... I haven't updated in a while!! So this is something that I do about every week and this time I took a few pictures because i had to do a science project with the horses.